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The Aftercare program at Maitland Funeral Home believes that every individual has a right to journey through his or her own grief.  An Aftercare Consultant will provide telephone follow-up contacts and home visits to support a bereaved individual through the grief process. In addition, supplementary reading is sent out to all families as well. An added component of the Aftercare program is the Bereavement Support Group that is held at various times throughout the year.

The support group allows bereaved individuals to come together to share their story, their emotions and to lend one another support as they work on their grief. Group members are reminded that there is no right or wrong way to grieve, just their own way. If individuals are looking for additional grief support, an aftercare specialist is available for one-on-one phone contact or home visits. Aftercare Specialists are also experienced in working with the needs of grieving children and can provide support to them as well through one-on-one contact.


Supporting Links

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